What We Do

We at SCHRC are dedicated to ending stigma. We engage in narcan distribution, overdose trainings, overdose awareness, sensitivity training, linkage to health insurance for the uninsured, treatment referrals for HIV/HCV, and communicable disease prevention in South Carolina.

What we are about


The key to bringing people who use drugs, engage in sex work or have histories of incarceration closer to disease prevention, health services, and reduced recidivism is to treat every person, regardless of their circumstance or condition, with dignity and respect. SCHRC works to serve individuals by offering linkage to substance abuse treatment facilities, transitional housing, and offers public health resources. By developing relationships based on honesty, compassion, tolerance and cooperation, our staff and volunteers help clients live healthier and more fulfilling lives, while raising the health and safety index of the community.


our Story

In 2016, the founding members of SCHRC embarked on a journey to help save lives at the College of Charleston. They helped pass the colleges Naloxone access bill and then took what they learned and helped pass the states Medical Amnesty policy that is in place today in our great state.

After doing this, SCHRC was born. We are tired of seeing our friends die. The lack of attention to the 78% of users who need help was something no-one was approaching in this state. In an effort to serve the community at large, SCHRC was formed and continues to help save lives on a daily basis. It started with one person, one mission, one life.